Howdy from a stranger

Normal people take a year break from a blog, right? That’s what I thought. Cool.

Now for that awkward catch up cliff notes version of a blog post that’s sufficiently overdue. But seriously, where do you even start?

What have we been up to, you ask? Well, gosh, I’m glad you asked. Life, I guess is the quick answer. But I bet you want a longer version (but definitely not the LONG version….ain’t no one got time for that, ammiright?)

Let’s see. Since fall of 2018 we have been to Turks & Caicos as a big family, Craig and I have stolen away to Martinique (above photo is when we attempted to hike Mount Pellee), my real estate has continued to thrive enough that I have a part-time assistant (and friend from church), I’ve run a half marathon, Craig continues to work in biomedical statistics, Lily continues as a competitive gymnast, Ben continues in year-round travel soccer and Craig became an elder this fall. Still homeschooling and entering these odd “tween” years. So far, no one has chewed anyone’s head off, cried themself to sleep or stormed out the door never to return. So I’d say we are winning, right?

Homeschooling – We follow a Charlotte Mason method and that has been going really well. So well in fact, we started a small gathering with 3 other families, in the Charlotte Mason style. It’s perfect. The kids and mamas get along and we learn together. Then in the afternoon we head to a local park to hike and nature study. Wednesdays are our jam!

No house projects right now but I have my eye on that space above our detached garage …. or maybe a “She Shed”. Now we’re talking!

Real Estate – As I said above, I continue to sell anywhere from 1-2 houses a month averaged out in a year. But keep in mind, I’m no Wonder Woman. First and foremost, my girl Laura gives me anywhere from 5-15 hours a week depending what we have going on and her schedule. I have help. I also get lulls and breaks. In fact, this last one was a longer lull and while that means less income for us, it translates as more quality time together, which has its perks that FAR outweigh extra cash. I keep reminding myself that they will only be little (or middle sized….or maybe let’s just say “home”) once. These days are fleeting and I’m soaking up every minute I can get with them.

I have lots of thoughts about lots of things, but for now, we will close this “I’m so sorry I stopped posting here” post and move on. Forgive me?

Catch ya next time. Also, for more updates on the day-to-day stuff, I’m over at @intentionalgirl on Instagram.


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