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Monthly Archives: July 2012

This just in…hardworking male is laying tile for his lovely wife’s beloved bathroom renovation. Said husband has been working all day, non-stop, so that they can have plumber put toilet back into their only bathroom. Their children can be heard around their neighborhood complaining about how they dislike peeing in the “basement toilet”. Hardworking male continues to remind said children they should be happy to have a basement toilet. The alternative is… Read More

Wondering why I’ve been MIA? My family and I have been busy doing some fun things together. Inspired by Pinterest I made this board of things we’ve done so far. These were all things I had on hand: foam board, cardstock, push pins, hemp, decorative clips and markers. Next on the agenda is to make a list of things we want to do. This was intentional. I wanted something visible. Something that… Read More