New Hobby?


This afternoon I successfully dug out my grandmother’s sewing machine (a cool touch screen Singer from 1980-ish). I also successfully threaded both the spool and bobbin (correct terms?), and successfully played around with several different stitch patterns.

Pretty cool this thing called sewing. I think I found a new hobby.

Send me some of your home-made sewing projects. I need continued inspiration to greatness!!

2 Comments on “New Hobby?

  1. Nice! I got one for Christmas and am obsessed! I’ve made a baby blanket and am working on a sleep sack now but zippers are thwarting me! We’ll have to discuss at lunch on tues 🙂


  2. Way to go! I got one the summer before last and have made pillows, curtains, handbags and upholstery. I had some very basic knowledge when I got it (I sewed with my mom and grandma as a child) but didn’t know much in the way of technique. Since then, I’ve learned a TON on YouTube – how to attach piping and zippers, make box pleats, reupholster, put together a sturdy handbag – all the good stuff. You should check it out!


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