Kitchen Upgrade – a quick blurb

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I agree with that. I apologize for neglecting this blog. Life has been rather busy. But I was thinking recently about how much I love my kitchen and it caused me to pause and think about how MUCH I disliked my previous kitchen. So, I am providing a before and after. At some point I will give you the details of how we pulled this DIY off (oh yes you heard me right – my husband, with very little elbow grease from yours truly – cranked this beauty out). For now just enjoy the transformation!

Before – Taken in 2004 or 2005


And…After taken in 2010.

What kind of information would you want to know about this little DIY project?

5 Comments on “Kitchen Upgrade – a quick blurb

  1. I love your kitchen and always admired it when I was over… you guys did a great job!


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