Bathroom Renovation: Part 2

Today was a fun day. It was about 65 degrees (and let me remind everyone that the date is indeed February 1st) and I just HAD to take advantage of the warm weather. So, once everyone was nestled in their bed I headed outside to finish the hardware spray paint job for the soon-to-be bathroom vanity.  And yes, this renovation is taking a while. In the spirit of being intentional about our renovations my husband is trying to figure out exactly how to start the project while minimizing the amount of time we are going to be without a sink in our only bathroom. Did I mention we have decided to go with tile floors? We purchased these a few weeks ago at Lowe’s:

And in case you need to get caught up on what’s been going on with this moderately long renovation at our home, here’s the planning stages post of our renovation and here’s Part 1.

So, if you recall from one of my past posts, I had some trouble with the hardware. I struggled to find exactly the right kind of spray paint that would give me the look I wanted. So when, after 1 gray primer and 2 different metallic paint layers I was able to get it right, I had pretty much committed myself to using the whole mess of paints to get the rest of the hardware the way I want them.

Here we are before the paint party: (I labeled the cans of paint in the order that I had to paint them; also pictured is the sandpaper that I used to rough the metal hardware up before priming and then the dollar store shower curtain I used to put everything on.)

Step 1: Rustoleum Painter’s Touch “Grey” Primer

Step 2: Premium Decor (from True Value Hardware, FYI) “Silver” metallic spray paint

A little break with the non-sleeping munchkin…

Step 3: Rustoleum “Nickel”  Metallic

And here we are with the finished product; only thing missing is the rub of tung oil but I can do that anytime. The work needed outside is done for this piece of the pie! Yahoooo!

And then just for fun, here’s a few fun bonus shots I took while I was waiting for the 3 different paints to dry…

I really like how mossy the bricks in the back flowerbed are…

Lily and I filled up the bird feeder…that made her really happy!

My poor Lilacs think it’s spring. I’m pretty sure this means they aren’t going to come up as well in March/April. Sniff-sniff.

And here are the tiles we will hopefully be blogging about next time…

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