Parlez-Vous Francais?


Today a friend invited me and the kids to the local zoo. Not the big city zoo. Something low-key and cheap. Something perfect for my 2 and 4 year olds on their day home with me. Something 20 minutes away. Perfect.

I was meeting with my friends and their kids. It was going to be magical. The kids were going to be social. They would be giving hugs by the end of the play date. The moms would be engrossed in deep conversation and make plans to get coffee next week.

And that would be utopia, which did not happen today. My kids played on the playground (yes, you heard me – this zoo was smart enough to build a playground in the middle of the zoo) for all of about 10 minutes and then my 4 yr old told me we should see the animals. We were at a zoo, after all!

So we went on our merry way. Foxes. Elk. Bald Eagles. Birds of Prey. Porcupines. Bison. Farm animals. Lots of running. Smelly barns. It was great.

And then we found ourselves going down the slides again. And, hey, there was one of the moms that I met earlier. We started to chat. She said she stayed home and taught French at a school near her part time.

I’m sorry, what?

Do I say it or do I just nod my head and say how cool that is?

I had to tell her. I had to tell her that I studied French in college. I knew what would happen. I knew the French would begin. And it did. And I felt awkward. I really need to nourish this wonderful gift I was able to grow so many years ago.

And then she emailed me. There’s a chance we might connect. There’s a chance I could rekindle my French-speaking skills.

I don’t believe in accidents either. I fully believe our Maker weaves our lives together intentionally. It’s on purpose. It wasn’t an accident that the night before I had told my husband that sometimes I think in French and wished I had more chances to use the language.

I’ve been inspired to keep up with my French. To speak it to my kids more. Read it more.

Who knew that at a small local zoo I’d run into a mom who teaches French.

So fun for me. A zoo trip turned into a networking moment for something I am passionate about.

Alors, maintenant je vais essayer de practiquer la langue.

4 Comments on “Parlez-Vous Francais?

  1. Oui, je parle francais – je prend le langue au centre culturel francais de Beyrouth! Nous devrions parler parce que je n’oublierai beaucoup!


    • Vraimant? Je suis tres “rusty” (see I don’t even know that word!) et j’ai besoin de practiquer.
      I still need to come hold that bundle of joy so maybe we can meet up sometime. I want to hear all about parenthood!


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